Using Data Rooms to Facilitate Due Diligence

It is vital to look over all relevant information when it comes to high-risk transactions. In most cases, this means going through the tens of thousands of secret documents. This is not just an extremely time-consuming task however, it also poses significant security risks for the company. There is a simpler way to manage document reviews of this kind. A data room could be a virtual or a physical space where companies can keep sensitive information and share it with authorized individuals. Data rooms are used for sensitive business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

While low-cost or free tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SharePoint can be beneficial for sharing files on a daily basis but they don’t provide the level of security and control that is required for due diligence and protect high-value business documents. This could lead to errors in handling important documents, and create a compliance risk that could sabotage an entire deal.

There are online data room providers that provide a secure, safe environment to share sensitive information. These services are usually simpler to use than traditional physical data rooms and offer a range of features that can help streamline the process of sharing data.

For example a data room can include a drag-and-drop upload interface which allows users to upload large files in just one click. Additionally advanced search features ensure that any document can be found quickly, even if it’s being uploaded in bulk. Other key features include watermarking that can be customized, which appears digitally on files whenever they are printed, viewed or downloaded, as well as privacy settings, which allow admins to set up customized NDAs for every user.