Scarface Style Article

Say Hello to My Little Legal Agreements: A Scarface-style Guide

Hey, so you wanna get into the construction business, huh? You gotta make sure you have a sample of contract for construction services to protect your assets. Get the papers right, or you’ll be swimming with the fishes.

And when it comes to network security, you better follow the Fortinet IPS rules. Don’t mess with these rules, or you’ll be on the wrong side of a cyber war, capisce?

Now, let’s talk about money. The clarifications to IFRS 15 revenue from contracts with customers are no joke. Get your numbers straight or the IRS will be knocking on your door.

What do you mean you don’t know about the needle laws by state? You don’t want to end up in the pen for breaking the rules, do you?

And if you’re thinking about buying land, make sure you have all the documents required for land purchase. You don’t want to be caught empty-handed when it’s time to close the deal.

Speaking of the IRS, if you’re legally blind, you better know about the IRS legally blind form. Uncle Sam doesn’t take excuses lightly.

Now, let’s talk about family planning. Do you know your reciprocal IVF legal rights? You gotta make sure you’re covered in case things get ugly.

And don’t even get me started on the 2017 SEBAC agreement. You better know what you’re signing, or else you’ll be in hot water.

Finally, if you’re in the teaching business, you better understand the regulatory requirements in teaching. The last thing you want is a visit from the education board.

And one last thing, if you’re offering free Wi-Fi, make sure you have a Wi-Fi agreement in place. You don’t want people taking advantage of your generosity, do you?