Music, podcasts, and audiobooks to listen to while working from home

In addition to this, 39% of the total group said that listening to music helped them be much more productive while 32% said that they felt somewhat more productive. And while this only has to do with music, it’s not farfetched to assume that certain podcasts can have the same effect on people. I’m not suggesting super thrilling podcasts that’ll leave you hanging on every word, but rather, ones to play in the background that’ll keep you from getting distracted and motivate you all at once.

What should I listen too while working?

If your work involves thinking up ideas or you're building a product from scratch, try listening to ambient noise (such as coffee house sounds or white/pink/brown noise generators). Research shows that listening to ambient noise at a moderate level (around 70 decibels) enhances performance on creative tasks.

But sometimes, at it’s best, a funny podcast can provide the deepest kind of laughter I have in me. Coming to this realization is a big-time bummer in many, manydifferent ways, but working in the comfort of your own home does offer some time for personal growth and solitude. Still, oftentimes, WFH can feel like there are so, so many hours in a day, and you have to figure out how to spend the time wisely. If I’m trying to put in long hours working, I need to listen to something more engaging than music to help keep me focused. I’ve compiled a list below of my favorite podcasts that I listen to while I work, in no particular order.

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Whether you are interested in the latest pop culture news, in-depth business insights, or obscure trivia, listening to a podcast at work can boost your creativity and focus. Are you obsessing over something Doja Cat did at the VMAs or are confused by how Emily in Paris got an Emmy nomination? The Keep It podcast, hosted by Ira Madison III, Louis Virtel, and Aida Osman, is the perfect way to unpack everything you missed or can’t stop thinking about from the previous week in pop culture.

  • Podcasts can engage and stimulate your brain more, but that’s not always beneficial.
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When listening to a podcast, you’re likely to extend your routine just so you can finish listening to an entire episode. So, whether all you want to do is a 30-minute workout routine or an hour walk around the neighborhood, you can spice things up by listening to music or podcasts. It’s a fairly uncontroversial stance to assert that everything NPR does is awesome. They talk about everything from Mad Men to Avengers to TheBachelorette, finishing up each episode with “what’s making them happy this week.” Always a nice way to start the weekend. If you’re looking for a compassionate place to learn how to dial anxiety down and get on with creating a happier life with more calm, contentment, meaning, and purpose, this is the podcast for you. Well, hello anxiety is hosted by anxiety and well-being speaker, educator, and bestselling author Dr. Jodi Richardson.

The Daily

Sticking to the darker tones, In the Darkfeatures investigative journalism and in-depth reporting related to the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling in the late ’80s. Expect plenty of music and all the sex, drugs, and crazy stories that come with it. With the real world in a bit of a funk, check out how the Last Podcast guys present the imaginary one. Sign up for Verge Deals to get deals on products we’ve tested sent to your inbox daily. When I was young I used to listen to Terry Pratchett’s Discworld audiobooks every night as I went to sleep. I had the books on tape along with a bulky silver CD/tape player that was the first “adult” piece of technology I owned.

Some of the sounds are a little odd — garbage trucks and toilets flushing — but you never know what might do the trick and keep you on task. Her Accounts features relatable conversations with women who work in tax and accounting. These conversations cover podcasts while working the challenges of working through the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating a traditionally male-dominated field and balancing life, work, and parenthood. If you’re looking for practical career advice and down-to-earth conversations, this one is a must.

My Favorite Murder

Snap Judgement delivers compelling true stories set to musical beats that keep listeners captivated until the very end. This podcast is perfect for getting through a series of reps or taking along for a run, providing listeners with a tangible experience that makes it feel like you’re part of the story. People have begun to integrate them into their daily lives, including their work. Many people believe that listening to podcasts while working can actually improve productivity, but that may not be the case.

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It’s so fun to take a deep, introductory dive into the stuff you already want to know about, but where SYSK is so special is when it opens up completely new interests for you while you work. Music is often helpful, and television is certainly too distracting, but sometimes the best thing to help accelerate your workday and focus is listening to a new podcasts. Here are some of our favorite podcasts that cover everything from motivation, to new information, and even sometimes the best kind of distraction. If you’re in a position of leadership at work or just have to work often with teams of other people, Defeat the Drama at Work can be a good resource as well as a fun podcast to listen to while working. Each episode features creative ways to keep yourself as well as others around you motivated to get work done .

These Are The Best Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

With a multitude of series varying from Ariel to Sherlock Holmes, The ASMR Podcast gives you different background noises that are both soothing and non-distracting. The mission of every conversation is to explore the ways in which people pursue a better work life so that we can all achieve well-being. If you’re pretty sure you don’t know everything you should yet, check out Stuff You Should Know.

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